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Bear Lawson Beard Co.

Beard Butter - Black Oak

Beard Butter - Black Oak

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Are you ready to freshen up with the freshness of the mighty oak tree? Is your normal beard routine leaving you like timber in the winter - bear, sad, and cold-hearted?

If you said yes to either, then Bear Lawson is here to help you lumber your way to a luscious beard (see what we did there?)

Black Oak has the sturdy scent of the grand forest, mixed with the tender goodness of the currant, meaning that the woman in your life will be left with a strong, sensitive man. Just like she likes it. And you like it when she likes you. And we like it when you like that she likes you. You get the message.

Black Oak beard butter - for the absolute forest of a man, or at least the beard of one who hopes to become the tenacious timber of his environment.

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